Uplifted Youth




"Life Is About Choosing The Right Door"

The light is on. The door is unlocked. You just have to find the courage to walk toward the light, turn the doorknob and enter in. Yes, you can come home again!

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112320 CBC.JPG

What Is It About?

Coffee Break Catholic is about answering the Church's call to a new evangelization. Except, in this case, we are reaching out to and sharing the faith with fallen-away, lapsed, and marginalized Roman Catholics. We want our social distancing (if we may borrow on that phrase), Catholic brothers and sisters to believe rather than know that "It is never too late to come home!" The central theme of this ministry is love, mercy, prayer, and forgiveness. The rest we leave to Christ through Holy Mother Mary and His Church and the vast amount of resources that are now available to help grow our faith. Isn't it time that you said 'yes' to God and 'no' to the world?

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